Bộ thu phát AV không dây cho Camera Bada 2.4GHz 806 (10W)

Bộ thu phát AV không dây cho Camera Bada 2.4GHz 806 (10W)

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Bộ thu phát AV không dây cho Camera Bada 2.4GHz 806 (10W)

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Bộ thu phát AV không dây cho Camera Bada 2.4GHz 806 (10W)

2.4G wireless transmission transmitter uses advanced microwave radio transmission technology, high-fidelity wireless transmission of video and audio signals , the video transmission distance range of up to 3000-5000 meters above the barrier wall in the lower level there are cases, up to 500 2000 m ( depending on the actual environment ) , the effective distance is more than five times the market similar machines.

This product has the following characteristics :

    High frequency, anti-jamming performance
    With a new circuit , a new structure designed to ensure clear reception of sound and image.
    Multiple channels to choose from , and each channel is not easy to produce interference between each other .
    With application extensions , adaptable
    Use fully enclosed housing , enhanced cooling effect and anti-jamming capability.

 Performance indicators:

 1 Work :2331-2391 MHz band
 2 Transmit Power :. 10 W
 3 Use Channel: 4
 4 can transmit audio and video
 5 Video signal system :. PAL / NTSC
 6 Audio input impedance : 1KΩ Video input impedance : 75Ω
 7 Power : DC 12V4A
 Installation :
 Open the box, the side marked "TX" for the transmitter , labeled "RX" for the receiver.
 Transmitter Installation :
 1 . Select the working channel
 End of 2 four-core 3.5 audio cable to the transmitter , Lotus head on one side connected to the signal source ( yellow video, white to left and right channels ) . The other four core 3.5 audio cable to the receiver , Lotus head to the display terminal ( yellow is the audio , and white to left and right channels ) .
 3 . Connect the antenna and the antenna erected
 4 . Power adapter into an electrical outlet and the DC output to the transmitter

 Receiver Installation:

 Installed with the transmitter , the channel should be consistent with the work of the transmitter , and the audio and video cable to the TV or monitor. After installing the transmitter and receiver , observe reception by adjusting the transmit antenna angle of the receiver until the image to achieve the best sound . The machine is set up four channels to choose from , the channel allocated for a switch to be valid.

Multi- channel receiver :
 Working channel transmitter fixed and varies with a scanning receiver to receive, you can simultaneously monitor many of the scenes . At this point as long as the receiver , the channel selector switch are pressed several working on it ( up to four monitors simultaneously ) .

1 . When adjusting the angle of the antenna , not violently rotating to avoid damage ;
2 . You must use the factory supplied power adapter to avoid damage to the machine ;
3 . A transmitter can only work on one channel , the channel selection switch the transmitter can only press one ;
Installed list :
 1 . Receivers, transmitters each one
 2 . Power adapter 2
 3 . Audio and video cable 2
4 . Use a manual
 5. Antenna 2
Transmitter : 175 * 80 * 45 (MM) L * W * H
Receiver : 115 * 70 * 25 (MM) L * W * H


 Note : You can reprovision flat external antenna ( 500 yuan per set )

 I. The Company products shifting, one year repair kits.
 Two . Customers from the acquisition date of the Company's products since the company any quality problems replacement within a week .
 Three product replacement conditions: appearance intact, factory seal intact , complete accessories .
 Four . Genus of the following circumstances , the practice of repair, but the repair charges may apply .
 1 The Company does not use the power adapter supplied , causing high voltage burned .
 2 due to customer use, improper storage resulting in product moisture , flooding caused damage .
 3 . Seal torn or client privately Chaigai problems caused by the product quality .
 4 due to force majeure ( lightning, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters ) caused destruction