Máy khò nhiệt và hàn thiếc BAKU BK-878L LED

Máy khò nhiệt và hàn thiếc BAKU BK-878L LED

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Máy khò nhiệt và hàn thiếc BAKU BK-878L LED Digital Display SMD

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Máy khò nhiệt & hàn thiếc BAKU BK-878L LED Digital Display SMD






product information





Air Gun and Soldering iron 2 in 1


LED Digital Display

Power Consumption


Input Voltage

220V / 110V

Blower Fan

Brushless Fan, Soft Rotary Air

Air Volume

120L/M MAX

Temperature Range

200°c ~ 480°c

Power Adapter

EU / UK / US Plug


For cell phones, electronics, logic board, BGA repair



1. The products adopts closed loop of transducer. Digital LED display. High-power.

2. The air flow can be adjustable and air blowing is big and gentle blowing plastic components won't be deformed. Such as buzzer and external interface of mobile phone.

3. It is inductance in the handle. It will be quickly to work when you take the handle, when the handle is return to the shelf, the machine will automatic stop age.

4. Automatic to blow cool air to safe the heating. Temperature rapidly rises, and it can reach to the setting temperature only within 3 or 5 seconds. Small volume, light weigh, temp-control accurately.

5. Safely remove BGA, keep pins intact. Much more safe and reliable. Blowing PCB will not make it blister.



  • Complete range of rework applications in medium and large scale service centers;
  • Mobile and radio systems devices repair;
  • Cellular phones, PDAs, handhelds, laptops, notebooks, and motherboards repair;
  • LAN, network nodes, and military communications systems equipment repair. 


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