Máy khò nhiệt & hàn thiếc BAKU 898D

Máy khò nhiệt & hàn thiếc BAKU 898D

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Máy khò nhiệt & hàn thiếc BAKU 898D LED Digital Display SMD

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Overview of soldering station BAKU 898D

Main unit

Overview of soldering station BAKU 898D

Hello companions!
This survey article of soldering station "Baku" BK-898D. It contains many photos, objective data and subjective opinion of the author.

Sooner or later before each radio fan there is a question of the choice of the necessary tool for the occupation. And I did not become an exception. Recently even more often need vypayat several chips in the TQFP body appears, as became the reason for search of the device of the soldering a hot air, i.e. the thermohair dryer. The budget was limited but, at the same time, there was a wish to receive rather high-quality device meeting the following requirements:

1. Cost is not higher than more for the similar tool I am not ready to give in principle since it is not so difficult device to be more expensive.
2. The hair dryer has to be with the supercharger of air who is built in the handle, without compressor in control box since I do not like a thick hose. Besides, as a rule, existence of the compressor in control box attracts increase in dimensions of the last.
3. A digital control (buttons and tsiferka), in principle it is not so critical, but it is very desirable, the 21st century after all. 
4. The compact sizes, my table does not allow to place a banudura of the AOYUE 968 type without prejudice to a work space.
5. "Quiet" color gamma, it is also not obligatory, but it is desirable. Very much blocks in a yellow-blue coloring with shining, shouting "We from China are not pleasant!" buttons since it distracts.

At first there was a thought of assembling the device independently, but lack of time, existence of need and the specified sum moved me on acquisition of a ready solution. 

As a result of searches very interesting product of the Chinese industry under the name "Thermoair Soldering Station "Baku" BK-898D" the Name of the BAKU brand in this case purely conditional was found. The same device is issued also under other brands. Everything generalizes them two moments: in the name there is "898D" also an appearance: all of them become in the same body with the same governing bodies. This product that at the cost of  it is not just the hair dryer, and the whole soldering station is interesting! I.e., in addition to the hair dryer, it has a soldering iron with maintenance of the set sting temperature. This device was ideally suited on all conditions: cost at the time of writing of this overview – 2100r, the "correct" hair dryer, a digital control temperature of the hair dryer and display of temperature, small dimensions, "quiet" design. What else is necessary to the beginning radio fan? Correctly! Soldering iron. And it is here! And my old asks on replacement for a long time. A choice is made, the product is purchased. 

Now actually about consumer qualities of soldering station.
Technical parameters can be found in the Internet without effort. Basic: power of a soldering iron is declared to 35 W, the maximum temperature of a soldering iron — 480 °C, the power of the hair dryer of-450 W, the maximum temperature of the hair dryer – 450 °C.

Picking of my copy following:
1. Control box with the hair dryer
2. Soldering iron
3. A support under the hair dryer
4. A support under a soldering iron
5. A sponge for cleaning of a soldering iron
6. A set of three nozzles for the hair dryer
7. A set of some spare parts, it is very similar that it is some extractor
8. The instruction on "native" Chinese and English

It is made of black plastic. In front and behind, apparently, the metal panels colored in white color. On the front panel are located:

1. Hair dryer with the temperature of two control buttons
2. Three-digit the 7th segment temperature indicator of the hair dryer — "TEMP".
3. The regulator of turnovers of the hair dryer — "AIR" which is the normal variable resistor that, generally, is not bad. In my opinion, more conveniently and quicker to turn the handle, than to press buttons, controlling indications of the indicator.
4. The tuning resistor for calibration — "CAL"
5. Indicator of operation of the heater of a soldering iron — "HEATER", red LED
6. The soldering iron temperature regulator, the variable resistor with a scale in Celsius temperature and to Fahrenheit. Here it would, of course, not be bad to make installation of temperature buttons. But, considering the price, it is good that here in general there is a soldering iron with support of the set temperature.
7. Hair dryer switch
8. I will corrode 5 contact for a soldering iron
9. Soldering iron switch

In the bottom of the block it is possible to observe rubber legs, a sticker, apparently, with date of production of a product and bolts of fastening of the transformer.