Đồng hồ cấp nguồn DC XUNKE-1501T

Đồng hồ cấp nguồn DC XUNKE-1501T

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Đồng hồ cấp nguồn DC XUNKE-1501T

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Đồng hồ cấp nguồn DC & báo sóng điện thoại XUNKE-1501T





PS-1501T communication maintenance power is designed for cell phones and other communication apparatus and equipment. It utilizes the most advanced short circuit protection and automatic recovery, with a rapid speed, sound, and light alarm. It can automatically recover the output within 1 second after the short circuit problem is settled. This equipment has a voltage test terminal to replace the accurate digital voltage meter to measure voltage D.C. Additionally, it has cell phone radiation efficiency test functions (with T model). So, it is fit for all kinds of communication equipment production and maintenance.


II. Specification:

1.      Certain conditions:

1.        Power and Voltage:220V±10%  50Hz

2.        Condition(s): -10℃~40℃, 90% of humidity.

3.        Storage condition(s): -20℃~80℃, 80% degree of humidity

2.      Regular working status:

1.        Output voltage: 0-15V

2.        Loading stability:≤0.01%±2mv

3.        Recovery time: 100Us

              4.        Start currency:> 10% of the standard value

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